Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Academics for Black Survival and Wellness Week is over and I would still like to access training materials. What should I do?

A: Academics for Black Survival and Wellness Week training materials have been taken down. We invited people to take part in the activities during the week and left materials open for 4 days following the event. We have taken the materials down and will make trainings available in the future via other formats. In the meantime, we encourage folx to subscribe to our mailing list and subscribe to our Youtube for updates. Thank you for your interest. 

Q: Is it still possible to join an accountability group? 

A: Accountability group registration is now closed; however, folx can still sign coordinate independently with other A4BL participants to set up their own accountability groups. Please check out the forum to organize and coordinate with other participants:

Q: I am confused about the purpose of the accountability group. 

A: Please check out this video: 

Also read over a post in our forum to learn more:

Q: I really want to register for the full-week, but am no longer able to do so. Can I register for individual days?

A: Registration for the full training week for non-Black folx is now closed. Participants can still register for individual days up until 5 PM the day before (i.e., if you’re interested in participating in a session on Saturday, registration will close by 5 PM Friday). Once you register, you will receive emails with all the necessary training materials by email the evening before the training day.  Additionally, the training is available on a members-only portion of the website under “Introductory Training.”

Q: I did not get an email with the event information or links to the training day. What should I do?

A: All of the training materials are on the website under a members-only page. To access the training materials, hover over “Introductory Training," and choose from the dropdown menu. 

Q: I registered and have not received any communication from the A4BL team, including confirmation, links, or materials. 

A: Unfortunately we are finding that a lot of people are having our emails sent to the spam folder, instead of the primary inbox. I'd encourage you to check if this is the case. If that is not the case, try adding an alternative, preferably non-university-affiliated email address as a secondary email in the "profile" section. You should start receiving materials from us. 

Q: I want to participate as many days as possible, but have various personal and professional commitments. Should I register for the day anyway and join as I am able, or not register at all?

A: We understand that many participants may be balancing various roles, and we're glad that, despite that, you're considering committing to this initiative! Some days will be largely independent and asynchronous work, while other days will have a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning activities over Zoom and other virtual mediums. We encourage participants to reflect on their many obligations and make decisions that are congruent with their values, roles, and commitments. We believe that this reflection is important and will provide clarity as individuals make personal decisions about what to attend and why. 

Q: I would like my department or organization to go through this training together. How can I set that up?

A: We love this question and are glad you find the training valuable! Please email us at for more information.

Do not see your question?

1. We encourage you to problem solve in community with other participants using our discussion group.

2. If you still have a question, please complete our contact form.

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