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Academics for black survival and Wellness

Anti-Racism Training

Academics for Black Survival and Wellness provided a 7-day anti-racist training in June of 2020 and 21-day training in August of 2020 for non-Black academics to honor the toll that anti-Black racism has on the Black community and their colleagues.  As a collective, we have decided to keep the training materials from those time periods unlisted on the website. However, this page provides an overview of the content covered during the training and video discussions for those topics. 

We also have a list of consultants for those who would like further training or to host a training

for their school or organization.

Topic 1: Foundations for Black Survival & Wellness

Topic 2: Understanding Anti-Black Racism History and Systems

Topic 3: Appropriately Applying Intersectionality

Topic 4: White Terrorism and Black Resistance

Topic 5: Whiteness in Academia

Topic 6: Practicing Black Allyship

Topic 7: Committing to Black Liberation

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