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Wellness Workshop 3:

Self-Care for survival

Adding Rest to Our Calendars

Rewind>>>>Welcome Topic 3

Drs. Valene Whittaker and Kimberly Burdine introduce the intention of the workshop and how self-care relates to survival and wellness, provide an overview of topics/events for the workshop, and model discussions about self-care and what self-care looks like for us. Please note this video is from the original A4BL Week and please, disregard any mention of dates or events.

Rewind>>> Self-Care at the Intersections: A Conversation with PhDodson

Rewind to hear a conversation with Dr. Milo Dodson about self-care and the intersections of gender and race

Join Our A4BL Black Wellness Community

Based on suggestions from participants, we have created a private group for Blkademics to connect and be in community with one other. We encourage you to join the group and introduce yourself to our growing community.

Survival and Wellness Self-Care Tools

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