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Post-training survey

Commit to Black Liberation

We encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that we can continue these conversations even beyond this training.


If you completed an Assessment, Action, and Accountability plan, please send your plan to

We would like to know about your experience with the training. This information will not be used or shared outside of our core team. Additionally, we will contact you before connecting you with others doing similar work and/ or in order to get your consent should we desire to use the information for research. Please complete the survey below if you participated in ANY part of the training. If you registered for the full week or multiple days, you only need to complete this survey once. 

Support Healing

Please listen to Shena Young describe the partnership between her organization of healers and the Academics for Black Survival and Wellness initiative. Learn how you can immediately help to provide culturally mindful healing services to Black students and early career professionals with limited resources for healing. 

*When donating, be sure to leave a comment that says A4BL.

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