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Accountability Group 190

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Hello everybody,

We had a really nice discussion with Erin and Laura. We did our ADDRESING presentation and decided on an agreement for those accountability discussion: - confidentiality
 - be in grace with each others - giving / receiving feedback
 - 90 minutes at 5:30pm pacific / 8:30pm eastern 
- Questions or resistances brought are not resistance to that work: it is a place of learning and acceptance For tomorrow, we decided to start at Day 1 (not restricted to Day 1 though) and pick our favorite questions from the pdf guideline. before 5:15pm tomorrow, we invite you to write as a comment here the question(s) you feel attached to talk about. At the beginning of the meeting we will do a check in (to be fully present by saying what's on your mind that could keep you away from being fully in the moment) and decide on what questions we will cover during the session, and how we distribute the time (time per person through a round, or total time per questions with self awareness of time distribution...), we will end by a check out with the things we take away, our gratitudes, our feelings ... Can't wait to read your questions ! Cheers PS: zoom link


Welcome to the group! This is your accountability group for ...
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