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A4BL x Kindred Medicine 

Free Healing Sessions for

Black Academics

Academics for Black Survival and Wellness and Kindred Medicine have come together to facilitate healing for

Black folks in academia. 

With the help of our supporters, Kindred Medicine will be able to facilitate healing sessions for Black undergraduate and graduate students or early career professionals (5 years or less out from last degree) working in academia.


Black folks will have access to 2 healing sessions and 4 sessions for those who identify as transgender, gender-expansive, and/or people with disabilities.

Learn more about healing sessions and Kindred Medicine here:

To Sign Up:

  • Visit and search the healer directory. Given the availability of virtual services during this time, there is no need to enter a location. Simply search by the type of healing service that you are interested in.

  • Complete this form: and take note of the special code where you entered your information.

  • Please practice discernment in selecting the services that feel most nurturing for you. Access for suggestions on getting to know the healers/assessing fit. You are welcome to work with the same healer or access a combination as you see fit.

  • Reach out to the healer you would like to work with and share both your unique special code + acknowledge referral by A4BL to schedule/receive service.

  • If you contact your healer of choice and they are unaware of how the program and compensation work, please shortly inform them that Kindred Medicine has entered a partnership with Academics for Black Lives and has been prepaid to cover your sessions. You should direct them to contact Shena Young at for further details and next steps.


Please note: This is a community + heart-centered offering.

We ask that you are honest in using your code for you, that you do not misrepresent yourself, or participate in the exploitation of this beautiful movement in any way for misaligned gains.


When you have completed your services, please do not hesitate to send us a love note + feedback about your experience if you’d like at


By participating in this program you acknowledge and agree to the following terms/process of access outlined below.

Kindred Medicine (“kindred”) cannot guarantee the availability of any service provider at any particular time. Kindred and/or Academics for Black Survival and Wellness (“A4BL”) are not parties to the dealings between you and any service provider, including posts, email, phone, text message, or other communication, proposals, screening, selection, contracting, and provision of services. Kindred & A4BL does not direct, has no control over, makes no representations, and does not guarantee the quality, safety, timelines, or legality of services. Given the COVID-19 global health crisis, you are strongly advised to practice discernment in decision to access in person vs. virtual services. No show and late-cancellation fees will be the responsibility of the client. Additionally, in pursuit/accessing services you acknowledge that your participation is voluntary and can be resigned at any time per your discretion. Kindred and/or A4BL will not be financial responsible for any additional services, product purchases, or treatment beyond the allocated/specified number of sessions.

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