Topic 6: Practicing black allyship

Welcome and Introduction

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  1. Introduce models of Black allyship and activism

  2. identify skills and resources that facilitate continued growth as Black ally and Black racial justice activist

  3. Commit to developing action and accountability plan related to Black survival and wellness



Participants will be able to

  1. Describe various types of Black allyship and activism;

  2. Delineate and prepare for varying risks and consequences associated with practicing different forms of Black allyship and activism; 

  3. Identify critical sources of scholarship on Black allyship and activism; 

  4. Name their feelings and sensations related to practicing Black allyship and activism; 

  5. Explore the relationship between Black allyship and activism and self-care in order to continue to support Black lives; 

  6. Assess your lanes for Black allyship and activism and develop a plan to act and be held accountable in the process.

Training Video 

1.     Review goals and objectives of Topic 6

  1. Watch Day 6 welcome video Intro video and Meditation

3.     Watch the pre-recorded lecture on “Practicing Black Allyship and Activism” (video above)

4.     Pause the video at 1:48:35 and view "Unfiltered: Reflecting on Black Allyship and Campus Activism at UK" (video below)  

5.     Then return to the lecture on “Practicing Black Allyship and Activism” at 1:48:35. The remaining part of the lecture will provide guidance for completing your assessment, action, and accountability plan.

6.     Complete your Assessment, Action and Accountability Plan during or after watching the final part of the lecture.

7.     Submit your plan to Academics for Black Survival and Wellness via email or the link provided in the template.

8.     Use the accountability questions to facilitate check-ins with your accountability group or for your personal reflection.

Unfiltered: Reflecting on Black Allyship and Campus Activism at UK

Recap: Remix Roundtable 6

In this "Remix Roundtable," we hear from Garrett Ross, Dr. Della V. Mosley, Dr. Anneliese Singh, Dr. Hannah Bayne, Pearis Bellamy, and Adania Flemming about allyship and activism.


Accountability Questions

Supplemental Resources

Topic 6 Citations 

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