Topic 5: Whiteness in Academia

Welcome and Introduction

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1. Enhance awareness of how whiteness operates in academia
2. Understand the experience of Black students and colleagues



Participants will:
1. Explain the connection between whiteness and the culture of academia
2. Describe the processes that facilitate anti-Black violence in academia and our broader world
3. Outline the consequences of racial trauma that occurs in academia for Black people (both in and outside of academia) 
4. Name feelings and sensations related to learning about how whiteness operates in academia
Identify necessary changes in order to make their academic spaces safe for current and incoming Black people
5. Apply learning to identify behavioral tendencies when selecting students and colleagues for academic opportunities 

Training Video


A Race is a Nice Thing to Have

A Conversation with Dr. Helms and Dr. Jernigan-Noesi

Activities 2 & 3: Podcasts

Recap: Remix Roundtable 5

In this "Remix Roundtable" with Drs. Carlton E. Green, Alvin N. Alvarez, Melanie Domenech Rodriguez, and Kevin Nadal, they discuss whiteness in academia. Further, Drs. Alvin N. Alvarez, Melanie Domenech, and Kevin Nadal reflect on their experiences

as non-Black POC with addressing anti-Black racism

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