Topic 4: White terrorism

and black resistance

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1.    Develop an understanding of methods of social control that maintain white terrorism and Black resistance to that violence 
2.    Recognize personal relationship to white terror and anti-Black violence



1.    Develop an understanding of the methods of social control used to maintain white terrorism.
2.    Develop an understanding of the multiple forms of Black resistance to anti-black racial violence.
3.    Recognize personal relationship to white terrorism and anti-Black racial violence.
4.    Recognize relationship between anti-Black racial violence and structural racial oppression.
5.    Name feelings and sensations related to learning about white terrorism and Black resistance 

Training Video

  •  No Knock by Gil Scott-Heron

  •  Review of goals and objectives of Topic 4

  •  Discuss six periods of white terrorism and Black resistance

    • i.    The European Slave Trade: 1450 to 1858

    • ii.    Enslavement: 1619 to 1862

    • iii.    Civil War and Reconstruction: 1861 to 1876

    • iv.     The Nadir: 1877 to 1923

  • Excerpt: Banished:

  • The Ethnic Cleansing of Blacks in America

    • v.    Black Urban Rebellions, 1935 to Hate Crimes Act (1990).

  • Excerpt: Eyes on the Prize

    • vi.    Contemporary White Terrorism: Police Murder & Hate Crimes, 1992 to P.

  • Complete personal accountability activities and prompts

Recap: Remix Roundtable 4

In this "Remix Roundtable" Dr. Sundiata Cha -Jua

and Garrett Ross. have an intergenerational dialogue about historical and contemporary manifestations of white terrorism and Black resistance.

Accountability Questions

Supplemental Resources

Topic 4 Citations 

Topic 4 Citations

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