Topic 3: Appropriately Applying Intersectionality

Introduction Video

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  1. Introduce intersectionality/interlocking systems of oppression

  2.  Deepen understanding of white-body privilege and anti-Black racism (understanding the racial hierarchy) 

  3. Introduce equity and intersectionality as guiding frameworks for practicing anti-racism

  4. Rewind Panel on Intersectionality with Drs. Butler and Patel 



  1. Summarize the history and theory of intersectionality 

  2. Name the key intersectionality theorists

  3. Outline how White privilege operates

  4. Have a basic understanding of Black intersecting identities and oppressions

  5. Identify the feelings and sensations that emerge when learning about intersectionality and the multiple systems of oppression/privilege that marginalized Black people experience

  6. Delineate the relationship between intersectionality and equity 

  7. Provide an intersectional analysis of personal and professional contexts

Training Video

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Some of the components that are integrated into the video are:​

  • Session 1: Introduction to Theory

    • Pause video and respond to the session 1 reflection questions

  • Session 2: Intersecting Privileges & Oppression

  • Session 3: Applying Intersectionality to Academia

    • Respond to the session 3 reflection questions

  • Gather any notes you took throughout the lecture (re: emotional reactions, etc.) to debrief in your accountability groups

Activities 2 & 3: Podcasts


Working at the Edges

Intersectionality as a Responsible and Ethical Practice

Recap: Remix Roundtable 3

In this Remix Roundtable, Dr. Bryana French, Dr. Jioni Lewis, Dr. Hector Adames,  and Jeanette Mejia discuss intersectionality and the original training lessons.

The roundtable was moderated by Dr. Anneliese Singh.

Accountability Questions

Supplemental Resources

Topic 3 Citations

Talking About Intersectionality

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