Topic 2: Understanding anti-black racism

history and systems

Introduction and Welcome

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Activities 2 & 3: Podcasts


  1.  Develop historical context for anti-Black racism and white supremacy in the U.S.

  2. Deepen understanding of structural anti-Black racism and white supremacy in the U.S.  



After Topic 2 you will be able to:

  1. Describe the historical context of white supremacy and racism in the US;

  2. Identify the ways in which white supremacy and racism currently operate in US society; 

  3. Elaborate on the core dimensions of racism, the types of racism, the impact of racism on Black people, and the various ways people have resisted racism over time;

  4. Identify the ways white people have benefitted from white supremacy and racism;

  5. Name your feelings and sensations related to learning about white supremacy, racial oppression, and anti-Blackness.

  6. Discuss how your (non)actions perpetuate white supremacy and racism;

  7. Elaborate on methods of preventing anti-Black racism.

Training Video

Some of the components that are integrated into the video are:

  1. Listen to Margaret Walker’s poem For My People

  2. Review of goals and objectives of Topic 2

  3. Pause video and respond to pre-documentary video reflection questions

  4. Resume video and watch Race - Power of an Illusion: The House We Live In

  5. Pause video and respond to post-documentary video reflection questions

  6. Resume video and listen to introduction of the Expanded Model of Racism (Neville, Lewis, & Spanierman, 2012)

  7. Listen to descriptions of each component of the model: structure and ideology; 3 types or forms of racism; impact of racism on health; resistance to racism (short videos interspersed)  

  8. Listen to summary of key take home messages

Recap: Remix Roundtable 2

In this "Remix Roundtable," Dr. Helen Neville, Dr. Nayeli Chavez-Duenas, Dr. Hector Adames, Dr. Dan Walinsky and Radia talk about the history and systems that perpetuate anti-Black racism.

Independent Study & Reflection Questions

Supplemental Resources

Topic 2 Citations 

Preparing to Practice Vulnerability

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