TOPIC 1: Foundations For Black Survival & Wellness

Introduction & Welcome

We would like to get a sense of who is attending this training, your motivations for doing so, and how we can best help you achieve your goals. Please complete the survey below prior to the start of the training.

Topic 1 Training Goals and Objectives


  1. Orient participants to the training week

  2. Introduce key terms and concepts

  3. Introduce frameworks for exploring power and wellness

  4. Create a brave space and community of anti-racist scholars



  1. Participants will identify the core goals of Academics for Black Lives (A4BL)

  2. Participants will be able to name and share their personal motivations for engaging in A4BL

  3. Participants will be able to name their feelings and sensations related to learning about anti-Black racism, white supremacy and racial trauma

  4. Participants will recognize and commit to the collective agreements for A4BL

  5. Participants will outline the purpose and theoretical background undergirding A4BL

  6. Participants will be able to summarize the core concepts of anti-Black racism, white supremacy, white privilege, racial trauma, anti-racism, wellness, power

  7. Participants will be able to practice vulnerability and accountability in community with other scholars

Training Video

Activity 1: #BlackInTheIvory

Activities 2 & 3: Podcasts

Recap: Remix Roundtable 1

In August, Academics for Black Survival and Wellness hosted a "Remix and Rewind" Training. This training included "Remix Roundtables" for each topic. In this roundtable, we hear from Dr. Sharde Davis, a co-founder of #BlackintheIvory, and Chanelle Helm, Core Lead Organizer of Black Lives Matter Louisville.

Accountability Questions

Supplemental Resources

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